Why a simple “Push Test” isn’t enough to cover you for Smoke Alarm Compliance

by Ian Roberts | Friday, July 10, 2015 | 0 comments

Why a simple “Push Test” isn’t enough to cover you for Smoke Alarm Compliance

By pushing & holding the test button for a few seconds, your smoke detector should product a loud noise. This is commonly referred to as a “push test” and is commonly conducted by a home owner or Real Estate Agent.


Why is a Push Test not sufficient for Smoke Alarm Compliance?

  • The button test ensures that the batteries are working. However, it doesn’t tell you whether the detector is operating properly.
  • Having a Smoke Alarm that doesn’t work can be a Fatal Mistake
  • There is little or no paperwork or documentation to cover you if there is a fire, insurance claim paperwork or any other dispute.

To test whether the unit will actually work in a fire requires much more including:

  • Checking the expiry date (after 10 years they have expired)
  • Have precise, detailed and complete documentation of the systems you have in place to ensure legislative requirements are fulfilled
  • Artificial Smoke testing
  • Decibel (volume) reading of over 85 to properly alert sleeping household members. This requires specialist equipment.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the unit
  • Checking if the positioning of the Smoke Alarms are effective & that there are enough Smoke Alarms throughout the house or business to detect smoke in all areas of the building.

To really make sure people are safe in their home, our Smoke Alarm Compliance & Testing service covers all aspects of fire safety for the home or office.


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