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Providing peace of mind for Managing Agents, Landlords, Tenants & Home Owners.

All your safety concerns can solved by Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services providing legislative & regulatory service in smoke alarm compliance testing, certification & maintenance for Managing Agents & Landlords to ensure all aspects of your legal responsibilities are completed.

We are LOCAL so we can provide

• Fast, efficient turnaround of service
• Prompt return to properties if
       o Tenancy change
       o Tenant is concerned the smoke alarm is not working correctly
• Return to properties if tenants were not home or available
• Urgent jobs get prioritised
• Small & large jobs get the same attention!
• Competitive pricing with no hidden fees
• We know & love the local area
• You’ll be directly supporting the local economy!

We’ll take away your stress by:
• Provide your agency with all relevant forms & information to forward to Landlords
• Liaising with Tenants to organise services
• Reminding you when services are due
• Providing compliance certificates via email
• Prioritising urgent jobs
We use only the best quality PSA photoelectric alarms ensuring tenants do not experience false alarms from cooking, heating or bathroom steam.

And of course, our

Services are

Tax Deductible!

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Smoke Detector

Featured Blog Article: Photoelectric Smoke Alarms - why we use them

We use Photoelectric Smoke Alarms. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms ‘see’ the smoke for both flaming fires and smouldering fires, Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are more likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely.

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Flame row

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They provide information on pricing, legislation and everything to do with Smoke Alarm Compliance.

Our Fact Sheets Cover:

  • Managing Agents
  • What YOU get & What WE do
  • Why CCSAS? – We’re Local
  • Are You at Risk?
  • The Facts
  • Push Test
  • Landlords
  • Landlords Authorisation Form
  • 5 Easy Ways to Switch
  • Easy as 1 2 3
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Holiday Accommodation
  • Winter Warmer Safety Tips
  • Tax Time
  • Christmas Lights

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