Smoke Alarm Emergency Callouts

Ian Roberts - Friday, September 09, 2016

Smoke Alarm Emergency Callouts

Smoke Alarms sometimes beep – for NO REASON…. and it has the ability to drive you & your family crazy! No smoke, no fire….just the noise!

Smoke Detector Support Group

Smoke Detector Support Group

We had a callout this week to a property that was new to one of our client’s Rental Roll, of which both of the 2 alarms in the property

were beeping non-stop. This meant they weren’t able to move the renters in with this happening, for both safety AND Sanity reasons.

We were able to attend the property before the date the tenants moved in to replace the units and fix the problem.

This was all done at no additional costs to the Landlord or Real Estate as the $75/year Smoke Alarm Compliance covers Emergency Callouts & also covers when tenancy changes, we attend the property to change the battery & check the unit as well.

Some reasons a smoke alarm might sound an alarm are:

fire-alarm The alarm sound might range from 2 beeps every hour to a consistent sounding of the alarm. Stopping you from sleeping, eating or even thinking.

Some tenants simply remove the battery or the smoke alarm from the roof to stop the sound – but this only stops the noise, then your house is without smoke alarm protection!

Smoke Alarms Save Lives…so don’t mess about if you think there is an issue.

REAlarm: 1st May is 10 years to the day since smoke alarms became law across NSW and most alarm don't last 10 years

Ian Roberts - Sunday, May 15, 2016
REAlarm 1st May Is 10 Years To The Day Since Smoke Alarms Became Law Across NSW… &… Most Smoke Alarms Don’t Last 10 Years.


1st May is 10 years to the day since smoke alarms became law across NSW… and… most smoke alarms don’t last 10 years.

Fire and Rescue NSW have the message “double your chance of surviving a home fire with a working smoke alarm” and you would have heard the “REAlarm” message throughout Social Media, News Outlets & major publications.

But WHY are you hearing about it so much?

On the 1st of May in 2006 new legislation came about making Smoke Alarms the LAW. This means that everyone who went about getting their Smoke Alarms compliant that year…. You might not know, but Smoke Alarms expire after 10 years!

Therefore……there are more expired Smoke Alarms right now than ever because of the 10 year anniversary of the law. 10-WAYS-TO-BE-FAULTY

Don’t take the risk of forgetting to:

  • Change the batteries
  • Replace expired Smoke Alarms
  • Unwittingly having damaged Smoke Alarms
  • Forgetting when it was that your alarm was last tested.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms ‘see’ the smoke. For both flaming fires & smouldering fires, Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are more likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely.

We could give you all the facts like how –


  • Fire and Rescue Authorities across Australia recommend them
  • They do not contain radioactive materials like some other smoke alarms
  • The Northern Territory have made Photoelectric Smoke Alarms LAW


But what YOU really want to know about

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are that –


“They are SAFER & more RELIABLE”

Get rid of nuisance alarms with Photoelectric Smoke Alarms & your family’s ears will thank you when you cook up a storm in the kitchen (or want to make toast without the shrill song of your Smoke Alarm)

Call Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services NOW & we do it all for you, because why take the risk for the flat, no hidden cost of $75/year!

10 ways your Smoke Alarms can be defective

Ian Roberts - Monday, April 18, 2016
10 ways your Smoke Alarms can be defective

10 ways your Smoke Alarms can be Defective

We all now know a Push Test just doesn’t cut it cut it when it comes to Smoke Alarm Compliance. 

However, what are some common reasons why a smoke alarm might not work (and you wouldn’t even know some by looking at it!)?

1. They expire! If a smoke alarm is older than 10 years, which is a very common occurrence, it is considered expired so needs to be replaced. 2. Not loud enough. The sound smoke alarms make is very important. It needs to be over 85 decibels to wake sleeping residents & have the sound carry throughout the house. 3. The battery How-To-Change-Replace-Smoke-Alarm-Battery-05 The battery might be dead, or missing. Although you can test the battery yourself, what about all the other things that can stop the smoke alarm from working! 4. Damaged unit Sometimes the smoke alarm might be damaged; broken hinges or other faults with the hardware. 5. The electronics As with any other electronic device, sometimes things are just faulty. The unit could be ok one year, then faulty the next, without any noticeable reason. 6. Tampering One good time to get the smoke alarms checked is when a tenancy changes. Sometimes a unit could have been tampered with by previous people who have had access to the property. 7. Faulty Wiring If you have hard wired (instead of battery operated), there can be issues with the wiring. 8. Faulty Smoke detection $ Smoke Alarm 4 What if your smoke alarm can’t detect smoke? The only time you’d know this is if there was actually a fire event. Using canned smoke, we test that the units smoke detection ability is up to scratch. 9. Wrong placement There are a lot of reasons why smoke alarms need to be placed in certain locations throughout a property. Placement of alarms vary due to a range of reasons & the placement of alarms is written into legislation. Your Smoke Alarm Compliance test checks that there are ENOUGH alarms in the RIGHT place! 10. Missing! We have seen properties we first visit, where there are simply NO smoke alarms in the property! This has legal, ethical, safety & property/fire insurance implications galore. Bombero salvando a un niño de un incendio   Most commonly, you might not know your smoke alarm is defective – until a fire breaks out & the alarm doesn’t sound.    During a fire event is way too late to find out that your smoke alarm is defective. Ensure your Smoke Alarm is compliant by using trained professionals who have the right equipment & knowledge to do the job right.

Compliance, Insurance & Safety – 3 Big Reasons for Smoke Alarm Compliance

Ian Roberts - Tuesday, January 05, 2016
3 Big Reasons for Smoke Alarm Compliance


Top 3 reasons for a Smoke Alarm Compliance plan

Going into 2016 we have a renewed sense of URGENCY to get 100% of Central Coast properties Smoke Alarm Compliant. First of all, the last quarter of 2015 saw loss of life, property & the aftermath of dealing with fires in residential areas.

There was DOUBLE the loss of life as a result of house fires from 11 deaths in 2014 to over 21 lost in 2015. Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Greg Mullins said it was “alarming that many of the homes did not have working smoke alarms”.

A poignant quote from a fire in NSW’s Holgate:

A man is lucky to be alive, after his Central Coast home went up in flames overnight.

The 63 year was asleep when the fire took hold – crediting a smoke alarm and his neighbours with saving his life.
– October 31st, 2015

What reasons do Real Estates & their Landlords have to have a Smoke Alarm Compliance plan in place?


Annual compliance testing, service & maintenance of smoke alarms is a legal requirement & you will be fined for non-compliance.

As the legal representative of landlords who, under lease terms, have responsibility for smoke alarms, agents could find themselves challenged in a court if failure to provide or maintain alarms was found to be a contributing factor in a case of loss of life or property.

Are you at risk?


Insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire without documentation of inspections & maintenance.

Did you know that your Insurance may not cover damages to your property, contents or injury/death of your tenants if Smoke Alarms are not correctly fitted within the property?

QUESTION: Do you have records showing compliance of Smoke Alarms in your property, remembering that a Push Test conducted during quarterly inspections is not enough to cover you?

TAKE ACTION NOW: Review your Insurance policy, are you covered if Smoke Alarms are not fitted?

“Insurers could also use the presence of a smoke alarm – and whether it is battery-operated or hard-wired – as a factor in setting premiums.”

“”An insurance company could refuse insurance cover if there was not an alarm.”

Shoshana Lenthen, Sydney Morning Herald article “No alarm, no cover: insurance warning”

Does YOUR Insurer have a “No Smoke Alarm – No Cover” clause?


Most important of all, having your smoke alarms serviced & maintained – SAVES LIVES.

It can often be a large, unnecessary risk for property managers to take on the responsibility of smoke alarm maintenance personally (or as a company). It’s well documented that Smoke Alarms save lives – why take the risk?

Why a simple “Push Test” isn’t enough to cover you for Smoke Alarm Compliance

Ian Roberts - Friday, July 10, 2015

Why a simple “Push Test” isn’t enough to cover you for Smoke Alarm Compliance

By pushing & holding the test button for a few seconds, your smoke detector should product a loud noise. This is commonly referred to as a “push test” and is commonly conducted by a home owner or Real Estate Agent.


Why is a Push Test not sufficient for Smoke Alarm Compliance?

  • The button test ensures that the batteries are working. However, it doesn’t tell you whether the detector is operating properly.
  • Having a Smoke Alarm that doesn’t work can be a Fatal Mistake
  • There is little or no paperwork or documentation to cover you if there is a fire, insurance claim paperwork or any other dispute.

To test whether the unit will actually work in a fire requires much more including:

  • Checking the expiry date (after 10 years they have expired)
  • Have precise, detailed and complete documentation of the systems you have in place to ensure legislative requirements are fulfilled
  • Artificial Smoke testing
  • Decibel (volume) reading of over 85 to properly alert sleeping household members. This requires specialist equipment.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the unit
  • Checking if the positioning of the Smoke Alarms are effective & that there are enough Smoke Alarms throughout the house or business to detect smoke in all areas of the building.

To really make sure people are safe in their home, our Smoke Alarm Compliance & Testing service covers all aspects of fire safety for the home or office.

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