REAlarm: 1st May is 10 years to the day since smoke alarms became law across NSW and most alarm don't last 10 years

by Ian Roberts | Sunday, May 15, 2016 | 0 comments
REAlarm 1st May Is 10 Years To The Day Since Smoke Alarms Became Law Across NSW… &… Most Smoke Alarms Don’t Last 10 Years.


1st May is 10 years to the day since smoke alarms became law across NSW… and… most smoke alarms don’t last 10 years.

Fire and Rescue NSW have the message “double your chance of surviving a home fire with a working smoke alarm” and you would have heard the “REAlarm” message throughout Social Media, News Outlets & major publications.

But WHY are you hearing about it so much?

On the 1st of May in 2006 new legislation came about making Smoke Alarms the LAW. This means that everyone who went about getting their Smoke Alarms compliant that year…. You might not know, but Smoke Alarms expire after 10 years!

Therefore……there are more expired Smoke Alarms right now than ever because of the 10 year anniversary of the law. 10-WAYS-TO-BE-FAULTY

Don’t take the risk of forgetting to:

  • Change the batteries
  • Replace expired Smoke Alarms
  • Unwittingly having damaged Smoke Alarms
  • Forgetting when it was that your alarm was last tested.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms ‘see’ the smoke. For both flaming fires & smouldering fires, Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are more likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely.

We could give you all the facts like how –


  • Fire and Rescue Authorities across Australia recommend them
  • They do not contain radioactive materials like some other smoke alarms
  • The Northern Territory have made Photoelectric Smoke Alarms LAW


But what YOU really want to know about

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are that –


“They are SAFER & more RELIABLE”

Get rid of nuisance alarms with Photoelectric Smoke Alarms & your family’s ears will thank you when you cook up a storm in the kitchen (or want to make toast without the shrill song of your Smoke Alarm)

Call Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services NOW & we do it all for you, because why take the risk for the flat, no hidden cost of $75/year!


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