- A Compliance Certificate is supplied for the BUILDING, not for each unit.
- Whilst the building is being inspected & this report is necessary, it will not be enough to cover you with insurance in the event of a fire in YOUR unit because the report is for the BUILDING, not for your individual unit.
- Only 80% of the fire equipment in the building (this includes fire extinguishers, hose reels, exit signs & Smoke Alarms) need to be checked & the most accessible equipment are located in common areas, what guarantee do you have that YOUR unit’s Smoke Alarms will even be tested?
- With our Smoke Alarms PLUS+ package you get the convenience of 3 compliance activities in 1, so you’ll get your Smoke Alarms, Window Coverings & RCD panel all done & Compliance Certification supplied for each.
- Our testing includes testing Smoke Alarms with artificial smoke & we check that the Alarm is not expired (10 years from date of manufacture) so our tests are much more comprehensive.
- The Strata Annual Fire Safety Statement does NOT include retest & change of battery when tenants change. (FREE with CCSAS)
- If the tenant reports the Smoke Alarm is faulty, a technician will NOT be sent out to investigate. (FREE with CCSAS)
- You’ll still be charged for batteries & Smoke Alarms if they need replacing, whereas these costs are not incurred with our packages.

The Laws surrounding Annual Fire Safety Statements & Smoke Alarm Compliance for

residential rentals are different, so both are Legally necessary for your Protection,

Insurance & Tenant Safety.

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