CCSAS’ service test includes –

  • Test alarms with simulated smoke & manual test button, replace batteries
  • Conduct audible test with sound meter
  • Record decibel reading > 85 decibel minimum
  • Ensure alarms location complies with EPAA & BCA regulations
  • Relocate alarms if required
  • Verify expiry dates, replace if past expiry date – 10 years from manufacture
  • Confirm alarms meet current Australian Standards AS3786
  • Inspect alarms for secure fitting
  • Send Managing Agent with Compliance Test Certificate for every alarm
  • Clear ventilation holes of obstructions
  • Tag each smoke alarm with date of test & next test date
  • Replace battery & safety test if change of tenancy occurs with the 12 month period
  • Change faulty alarms during the 12 month period with an Emergency Callout

Smoke alarm residential property & holiday rental accommodation compliance is a mandatory legal requirement under Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Schedule & Fair Trading Residential Tenancy Agreement Sections 38 & 39.

The services & systems provided by Central Coast Alarm Services makes your legal obligations easy to implement, achieve & maintain – taking away risk & giving you peace of mind.

Central Coast Smoke Alarm Services is dedicated to bring you peace of mind, excellent customer service with reports & certificates promptly provided in a format convenient to you, complete the services & tests to the highest standard & will remind you when the Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Test is due for retest.

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